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There are many benefits to staying on a property with its own perimeter fences or walls, solely under ownership of the individual or couple. Because time and space remains at such a premium, this section can only dwell on a few highlights. For the rest of the way, readers are encouraged to feed their own creative imagination in line with their property ownership dreams, as well as utilize a little common sense to remain level headed with feet firmly planted on their newly planted green grass ahead of receiving the keys to their brand new front door.

Space – At a glance, these entry levels are practically devoid of the opulence and extravagance that traditionally comes with much larger and more expensive free standing properties. But newly independent young families are always in a keen position to create their own luxuries in life. While the property is small in comparison to those lying in suburbs still beyond the reach of most Filipinos, it is still a lot more functional than apartments or condos that are restricted to one large building. The space provided can be utilized at will, something not always possible in an apartment, condo or flat on one building, usually ten storeys high or more. As the owners settle into their own environment over time, there is room to maneuver towards making home improvements, meaning that nothing needs to stay rigidly the same from an aesthetic, esthetic and functional point of view.

Independence – And in terms of space, there is a fair distance between the next door neighbors, affording couples and their families a little privacy than they would have otherwise enjoyed. And because the individual or couple knows that the sole building they are occupying is entirely theirs, a sense of independence prevails.

Green environment – Residential property owners of freestanding houses are encouraged, in this day and age, to plant their own gardens and cultivate their own vegetables, although it must be said that help is always at hand in this regard. If you don’t have that time on your hands, you can always contract out landscaping work at rates that are affordable to you. This is your ground space, after all. The ground space belongs to the residents and they should take every opportunity to make their own contributions towards greening their local environment, with discretion, of course.

Family – Because the property is essentially larger than the units in complex developments, bed rooms usually being larger as well, there is more than enough space for all members of the family. As the children settle into their teens, they are able to enjoy their own space, as it were. Also, mothers and fathers do have enough seclusion in their own self-designed bedroom suites.

If you’ve been musing for a couple of years already, now is the time to act, particularly if you are within fifty to one hundred kilometers of Grand Krause Ville. There could not have been a better opportunity for you to invest in a pristine property to your liking at rates that you could quite possibly afford to day, even in these challenging economic times where competitive market space still seems to be pressed.

If you are a young, hard-working Filipino, married for a while, always hard-working, with one or two kids in tow, or perhaps with the first one still on its way, then this development belongs to you.

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